My name is Martin Bixel, and I am one of those smartly-suited business guys, driven, and ambitious, and enormously successful before even hitting 30. That’s what I am supposed to be anyway! However, my rebellious, no-nonsense streak won’t stand for it. Don’t get me wrong, I love my work as a financial consultant and thrive in my role, I just don’t like all the trimmings.

The world of business can sometimes be a little self-inflated, and the people in it somehow feel they have to portray a certain image and appear sophisticated and aloof at the time. To me, all of the business frills and trappings are completely unnecessary and should, at this point, be redundant.

Demystifying the World of Business

Having studied finance and economics at college and gone on to build a career in a financial consultancy firm, I know the world of business quite well. I also know how everything is managed to create an air of inaccessibility, and how members of the business community often set themselves apart from the general public. I find it difficult to stomach the pretension, the airs and graces, and all the other exclusivity-driven approaches.

To me, being in business is about making money. As a consultant, I help clients to do just that. Nothing less, nothing more. There is little point in me appearing all-important, aloof and a cut-above the rest. I would rather give solid, down-to-earth advice without any of the frills and trimmings.

The aloofness ultimately just creates a rift between consultants and clients. Rather than explaining to clients exactly how markets, business and finance work, many “experts” end up confusing and bamboozling their customers.

Perhaps this approach is geared toward charging higher fees, perhaps, it’s designed to “keep the small man down.”

I don’t like it anyway, and that’s why I started this website and blog; to cut through all the nonsense and present financial matters in plain, down-to-earth, and understandable language.

Business and Finance Are Not Rocket Science

I have met many really smart people who’ve never really learned how money works and ended up believing it’s all just too complicated. Let me assure you, it’s not! Any aspect of business, banking and finance can be understood by anyone, as long as the explanations are delivered in plain and simple language. Making profits, cutting costs, ways of expanding a business, and all other financial processes are all matters of common sense and can be explained in layman’s terms.

Thankfully, I have my website and blog to spread my simple, straightforward financial advice and deconstruct some of the current gibberish.

New Lingo

Since it dawned on me, just how many good people feel excluded and removed from the world of finance, believing themselves incapable of comprehending these matters, I have used a different language when speaking to clients and colleagues. Unsurprisingly, my new approach has been welcomed by many of my firm’s clients and even my boss had to take note.

By using plain, easy-to-understand terminology, the collaboration between my clients and I has greatly improved and the communication is now clear and unambiguous. Clients are no longer afraid to ask questions. When they leave my office after a consultation, they know exactly what’s going on and can then go back to their job and implement what we have discussed.

This Website

Plain, easy-to-understand finance and business advice is what you will find on this website. No jargon, no fancy terminology, no wannabe complex explanations. It is my hope and desire that you will learn and be educated in all matters financial, knowing very well that anyone, anytime can play an important role in business and finance.