What Makes Polypropylene Bags So Eco-Friendly?

Bags For Life have exploded in popularity since the 5p charge against single-use plastic bags kicked off. However, some people wonder if they are actually eco-friendly. After all, polypropylene isn’t a natural material, so shouldn’t it be considered just as environmentally damaging as a single-use plastic bag?

Luckily enough, the answer is no. Polypropylene may indeed be a synthetic material, but there are a number of reasons why it’s an eco-friendly option for bags.

Polypropylene is Reusable

One of the major problems with single-use plastic bags is that they cannot really be reused. Even if they could be effectively melted down to be used for other purposes, the fact that they are only made to be used once or twice would make the process economically unfeasible, and it would consume too many resources to really make sense from an ecological point of view. In contrast, polypropylene can be easily melted down and recycled into other items. It can also be made from recycled plastics, saving them from becoming waste.

Polypropylene is Durable

Even if polypropylene couldn’t be reused, polypropylene bags would still be a far more eco-friendly choice than regular plastic bags. Since woven polypropylene bags are so tough, they can be used for years without showing any signs of wear. In contrast, many traditional plastic bags are disposed of after just a single use, and they certainly cannot be used more than a few times. This is why so many of them are either sent to landfill or end up as litter.

Polypropylene is Light

When you consider how eco-friendly a material is, you have to think about how easy it is to ship. Even if a certain material consumes few resources during production and is remarkably sustainable, it might be considered eco-friendly if lots of fuel is needed to transport it. The importance of fuel consumption during transportation is why truly eco-friendly companies rely on shipping instead of air freight whenever possible. Polypropylene also scores some eco-friendly points in this regard; despite being exceptionally strong, it is extremely light, meaning that not much fuel needs to be consumed during transportation.