Vendors who are Winning the E-Commerce Game


As is the case with pretty much all other “technological innovations,” the e-commerce space is now wide open, easily accessible to the average person on the street. I put “technological innovations” in inverted commas because for the most part there’s nothing much which is new under the sun. An e-commerce website is but just another website and e-commerce websites themselves date all the way back to the likes of eBay, Amazon and even those one-page sales letters with a big header and a “Buy Now” PayPal button embedded at the bottom.

These days if you took the time to search properly, you could probably get your own e-commerce site up and running for well under $100. In some instances it could cost you nothing but the monthly web hosting fee to be paid to your web hosting service provider, but the point is literally anyone can have their own e-commerce site up in no time.

Add drop-shipping into the mix and you could even have a fully-stocked up e-commerce website which sells products such as the latest electronics and gadgets or anything else really. You wouldn’t even need to handle any of the physical inventories yourself.

Seriously, there are even some free solutions on offer which you can use to perhaps test out the market you want to enter into, after which you you’d start paying for additional features as required – additional features which mostly have something to do with capacity. Open Cart is one example, particularly bringing into focus just how many people who run their own e-commerce sites go on to succeed and how many more go on to fail dismally.

What sets the winners apart from the losers though?


Many e-commerce website operators disappeared into the air following one or two feeble attempts at running a marketing campaign that would bring in the sales through their site. Consistency is key and you should at least keep your site operational for a year or more.

Selling the right product

Persistence leads to the discovery of the right products to sell and some e-commerce site operators even sell services, many of which they outsource. The right product is simply one that sells, period! Who is going to try and buy one bottle of water via an e-commerce site, for example?

Establishing yourself as an authority

As much as there are some products and services for sale in this world which are all but guaranteed to have buyers somewhere, somehow, nobody is going to buy something they know nothing about the sale of. So even in the case of high-quality products such as those which are sold by the likes of an online gift sourcing platform for example, they still have to maintain the level of trust they’ve built up through selling high-quality goods by establishing themselves as an authority in their niche. You’d go to an online gifts store if you wanted ideas for great anniversary gifts, for example, because that advice is published on the back of sales numbers and repeat business, as well as customer feedback.