Ideas for a successful business

Simple ideas in business

Many successful business owners will tell you that it takes a lot of hard work and time to achieve your goals in the workplace. Not only will you need to secure investment, clients and fantastic staff, but you will need to have a clear vision and strategy to allow all of your business dreams to become a reality.

Despite this, however, you may also hear about the idea that taking care of the ‘little things’ is just as important to achieving highly in the professional world. These ‘little things’ are often completely overlooked when thinking about the bigger picture and more often than not it is these small factors that make the biggest difference between success and failure.

The BIG things

There are many experts offering advice on the larger issues that might plague your business. For example you may need advice on how to correctly file tax or employ the best managers. To solve such issues you can attend a seminar or course, follow textbooks on the subject or even apply to well known entrepreneurs to offer to share some of their wisdom.

However, there are very few sources available that offer to help remind you of all the little things that you should also be aware of to allow your business to flourish.

The LITTLE things

To combat this gap in the market, our busy bees here at The Brightest Idea have compiled a shortlist of some of the smaller aspects of business that we think are very important to not be overlooked.


Tips on the little things that help businesses to flourish

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Having a clean workplace or business premises is hopefully a no-brainer. However, you may have underestimated the value of specifically having clean floors and windows. It is surprising how many people associate such cleanliness factors with a successful business, even if they do so on a subconscious level. It is recommended to outsource this sort of cleaning work to experts in your area. It is worth even looking for local Floor Wizards who might be able to provide several services in one go, to save you time and money.

Perks for staff

Everyone likes a surprise in life and your staff are no exception. It is very worthwhile for any business to take the time and money to treat the hardworking employees within your company. Research shows that an away day or even group night out on the town improves staff relationships and makes for a more productive working environment. It may also be a good idea to introduce a prize or points based system to encourage harder working within the team. However, be sure to avoid systems that might introduce unhealthy competition between team members.

360 degree feedback

Most good businesses will already have in place a solid mechanism to allow customer feedback. This, of course, allows a business to see the weaknesses in the operation and delivery elements of the service and improve upon them. But have you thought about introducing a system of 360 degree feedback? This allows not only customers, but staff and managers to feedback as well. The key to this unique system is that employees are encouraged to reflect upon themselves, their peers, their subordinates and importantly their superiors too! This is a perfect opportunity for managers to address any issues in their own performance and overall allows everyone to feel that their own opinions are important.  

We are keen to know if any of these tips work for you or if you have any other pearls of wisdom to share, so do get in touch to let us know. Don’t forget to check back soon so see the additions to the list.