How to stay fit despite a busy schedule at work?

Busyness is a barrier from getting into the fitness groove for many people. When dealing with an erratic life or work schedule, things can get very had. However, there are some way to stay fit despite a busy schedule. It all starts with extra efforts and at home! Here are some practical ways to keep fit:

Water is your best friend!

You must have heard people say the phrase ‘Drink water!’ many times, but how many times have you followed the advice? Drinking water actually helps you to stay fit. Make it a must to consume water when you are working; keep a water bottle close to you and you will develop the habit to drink it. Show your loyalty to this natural liquid and do not indulge in sugary drinks as only water will keep you hydrated.


A lack of sleep raises your level of stress. While it is not always possible to have a full 8-hours of sleep, you should find time to rest your mind and body for the maximum time possible. You should try to implement a curfew when it comes to bedtime. However, if you are setting a time to go to bed, make sure to respect it. Another way to de-tress is to play some games online such as bingo. For instance, at the best online bingo site- Lucky Pants Bingo, you can play great bingo games. The chat moderators and other players in the bingo rooms, will help you de-stress with their entertaining conversations.

Find Time

It might be hard to take time out of busy work life and meetings. But taking out 5 minutes to do some exercises at home is totally worth it. Or you could take few minutes and walk in the streets or in your garden. Slowly, lengthen the 5 minutes to 15 minutes and finally to 30 minutes daily. Also, you do not need to have a fixed time to do this, you can do it whenever you are free. However, make sure that it is done daily. You can also keep track of your progress; this will motivate you to do better and help you to improve.

Snacking Healthily

Working hours can be very lengthy and small breaks are not always enough to completely fill the tummy. Between the hectic hours, you might get a little hungry. Make it a must to eat in a smart way instead of snacking unhealthy foods like chips or cookies. Replace the junk food by consistent items like fruits, sandwiches or nuts. Nuts really helps to kill hunger and improves your concentration.

Calories Counting!

Let’s be honest: we all have our cheat days! But, as long as you do not abuse over it or compensate for it, it’s all good. For instance, if you fulfilled all your cravings for lunch, it would be best to have a light lunch to avoid more calories. Also, cheat days should not become a habit; you have the power to say NO.