Thanks to the strength of my website and blog, I have been able to sell advertising space to a variety of businesses in the finance industry. I have made sure they understand the idea of my blog and agree with the basic aim of this site.

Online advertising is another area that needs to be demystified. When you look for advertising space on certain websites, you get bombarded with advertising software jargon which is quite unhelpful. Yes, we use all the latest advertising software tools but we won’t bore you with the details.

The Main Points to Note

Before you consider advertising on my site, take a look at the following points and see if there is potential for collaboration:

My Readers

Our readers come from all walks of life and just want to find out about money matters. Some of them are pursuing a career in finance, others are not. Some own a small business, others work for a large corporation. They all share a common interest in finance, and obviously, on a daily basis, require financial services and money-related products. They value my no-nonsense approach to money and that’s what keeps them coming back to my website and blog.

If you can provide a service or product in a straightforward, easy-to-understand fashion, advertising on my site will make you money. If you are pitching to a financial elite, probably not.

Currently, we get 19’000 unique monthly visitors which is quite a sizeable number considering that all of them are looking for financial advice, products and services.

My Approach

My main goal is to make my advertisers services or products accessible to the general public and present them in an attractive way. We achieve this by publishing simple, well-designed ads in good website locations for a prolonged period of time. There is little point in advertising just for a couple of days. Long-term visibility is what it is all about. We also try to link your ad to relevant website content to optimise the effect of your ad.

Ultimately, you want to make more money and I can help you do that. We continuously collect website data to ensure your ad keeps on performing for you. The vast majority of our advertisers have seen their profits rise considerably on the back of advertising on my website.


PR is about presenting your products or services in a strong light and outlining to potential customers in detail, just what is so great about your business. We do that by creating simple PR packages, containing no-jargon language and plenty of useful information for potential customers. PR is not about stunning people with exaggerated facts and figures, it’s about expressing the uniqueness of your products or services in an eloquent and informative manner.

What To Do Next

If, after reading this, you feel you would like to work with us, please get in touch and request some information and rates. Study the options carefully and send us a second email. In it, tell us everything about you and your business. Make sure to define your advertising campaign objectives and goals. You may also indicate what option you would like to choose.

Once we receive the information, we study it carefully and arrange a meeting, either online or face-to-face. Together, we work out what way to proceed and settle on the best option for you and your business.

You may use a previously designed ad or have our team create a new one. We initiate the campaign by choosing a good location, size and campaign duration and finally, by publishing your ad.

As soon as your ad goes live, we start monitoring all activity and keep you up-to-date. We regularly check back with you to make sure your ad is doing its job.

Our advertisers are a happy bunch because they know their campaigns are working.

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