5 Reasons to Use HR Technology for Your Business

Why use HR technology for your business?

If you’re running a small business, you’re probably familiar with the feeling that there’s never enough time to do all the things that you wanted to do when you first set up shop. Time is one of the most valuable commodity and the often, the hardest to find.

Consequently,if time is of value, why spend yours on administrative tasks when there are smarter solutions available? Adopting HR technology for your business is a means to overcome those organizational responsibilities and change your focus on making executive decisions. The purpose of technology is to support you when it comes to those administrative headaches, like scheduling, employee disciplining, or filing employee records.

Take a look at business basics 101: as a business owner you are required to meet the minimum employment standards set by the Employment Standards Act (ESA). This includes complying with employer obligations for rates of pay, overtime pay, hours of work, vacation leave, public holidays, personal emergency leave and more. Having the HR technology in place provides a more efficient, economical and simplified process to running your business.

Today’s technology allows employers to stay connected with employees by providing streamlined communication. Think about those tedious tasks that an HR department takes care of, from scheduling to filing employee contracts and documents. There are portals and platforms that support HR processes by digitizing much of this information. These technologies also provide the opportunity to gain valuable business insights by collecting data that’s based on real information. This is useful for strategic planning, such as, recruitment, hiring, and training.

What are the top 5 benefits of using HR technology to support your business?

There are many reasons to invest in technology to deliver your HR services. Here are the top five reasons to use technology. A good HR platform is…

  1. Accessible 24/7: it allows for constant connectivity between employers and employees, with the ability to communicate back and forth at anytime
  2. Cost-Effective: it reduces the amount of time and effort for tasks, such as employee management, by expediting the work that is normally done by people
  3. Time-Saving: it can help manage the time spent on routine HR tasks by speeding up processes like administrative paperwork or filing
  4. Data-Driven: it allows you to collect data, store data, and use this data to recruit, hire, and train
  5. Secure: cloud-based technology ensures that confidential company information is safe by integrating risk management and security features

Record, monitor and manage all your people data in one place

Find an HR solution that works for you. Take BrightHR, for example, an online HR software that allows you to record, monitor, and management all your people data in one single place. It’s a central hub for employee records and unlimited document storage, all stored safely on the cloud. Imagine having technology to assist you with employee absence management, employee records, and scheduling. Use technology to your advantage and grow your business with smart solutions.