4 Reasons Tote Bags Are a Great Way to Promote Your Brand

Whether big or small, new or old, businesses should always be looking for ways to promote their brand. You’ll now see companies going to outrageous lengths to capture people’s attention, but you don’t have to follow suit. In fact, you can promote your brand effectively using nothing more than a tote bag. It’s a simple product, but it can really pay dividends.

Here are just four reasons why tote bags are so great for promoting your business.

  1. Plenty of Space

Tote bags offer a large and visible surface area. When people carry them around, they tend to hold their shape. You’ll have plenty of room to print out a message, so even passers-by will be able to see your branding. Since you want to get your message and image out to as many people as possible, this is a huge advantage – when someone carries a branded tote bag, they’re basically carrying around a mini billboard advertising your business.

  1. Ideal for Printing

Tote bags are flat, plain, and usually made from natural materials. The upshot is that they’re very easy to print on. If you want quite a complex design or lots of writing in a smaller font, tote bags can handle it. If you’re looking to print a vibrant colour, tote bags are ideal.

  1. Inexpensive

You might be thinking that printed tote bags will cost a bomb, but you’re wrong. They’re usually made from inexpensive materials (such as cotton, jute, and canvas), and the printing process is very quick and easy. From fabric to printing, creating printed tote bags is much cheaper than you might think.

  1. Sustainable

Since tote bags are almost always made using recyclable materials, using them gives a boost to your eco-friendly credentials. Even if you’re not concerned with how your decisions affect the environment, plenty of your potential customers will be. Courting their good opinion by using sustainable materials only makes sense.